Hey! Are you...

  • Still Door Knocking?

  • Still Meeting In Home?

  • Tired of Driving All Over?

Click the button below if you're ready to go from in home sales to virtual sales !

Take A Moment And Imagine How You Could...

Save Time

Save Time

Imagine your calendar blocked out for 4 hours a day dedicated to only making call or hopping on a zoom instead of driving to and sitting in home appointments for 12 hours a day...

Save Your Knuckles

Imagine how your knuckles will feel when they no longer have to knock on complete strangers doors 6 hours a day to face rejection more often than not door after door after door ....

Save Your Sanity

Imagine the relief you will physically, emotionally and mentally feel when you only sit booked appointments with homeowners who actually want solar for their home...

All From Learning How To Sell Solar Virtually

Making The Switch To Virtual Sales Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Avoid the burnout from knocking on all kinds of doors, meeting in homes that might have crazy barking dogs, odors you won't ever forget, or are just messy on the inside. No more mapping out all the bathroom stops on your route to in home appointments. No more 300+ miles driven per day, wear and tear on your car and eating fast food on the road. Unless, of course you want to continue doing in home sales, then have at it! But there is another way and more efficient way to meet with homeowners and close deals.

In the LIVE 5 Day Virtual Solar Sales Challenge, you will learn what it takes to make the switch from everything described above to picking up the phone, meeting over Zoom or even texting with your lead for their appointment. Just as much as you don't want to go to their home, most homeowners don't want a complete stranger in their home, either. It is a win win for everyone! (And no more pesky be-backs!)

Everyday live at 10am PST from the Facebook Group. VIPs will attend live on Zoom with ME!

All It Takes Is 5 Days To Add A New Sales Skill

Over the course of the LIVE 5 Day Virtual Solar Sales Challenge, you will discover the shift that needs to happen for you to go from in home to selling virtually.

Day 1: #1 Thing To Be Successful

  • Being open minded and believing in yourself

  • Positioning and confidence

  • Power in following up

Day 1 Result: Mental and emotional preparedness to sell virtually and the ability to follow up

Day 2: Building Rapport

  • Finding mutual interest/connection quickly

  • Keeping it light, educational and consultative

  • Positioning yourself as the solar expert who is looking out for homeowners best interest

Day 2 Result: Move away from high pressure sales tactics to consultative and relational selling

Day 3: Presentation and Closing

  • Picking up from where you left off from the discovery call

  • Presenting from a slideshow or solar proposal with video or over phone, text or email

  • Keeping it simple, clear and easy for the homeowner

Day 3 Result: Ability to seamlessly go from presenting the proposal to closing the homeowner

Day 4: Tech Stuff You Need

  • Hardware (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, webcam)

  • Software (Recommended software to use for virtual selling)

  • Setting up your home office, lights, background

Day 4 Result: You'll be ready to begin selling virtually within a week with the right tech*

Day 5: Resources and Tools

  • Recommended CRM

  • Discovery Call Checklists

  • Slide deck presentation for selling solar virtually

Day 5 Result: It's time to start setting virtual appointments and meeting with your clients


  • Access to the Zoom Room during the Live Training and 1 hr Q&A each day after training

  • Attend Special Lead Generation Training

  • Private FB Messenger Chat Group

  • Special VIP Offer at the End of the Challenge You Won't Want to Miss Out On!

BONUS Result: Group support and confidence to go out and start selling solar virtually

When You Join The Challenge for $49...

You'll receive 5 Days of Live training from Jaime Greene the Solar Queen.

You'll be invited to the Private Facebook Group where the Challenge will be hosted.

You'll receive a .pdf workbook to follow along and take notes with during the 5 Days.

Upgrade To VIP For An Additional $99!

You'll be invited to a Private FB Messenger Group just for VIPs.

You'll be invited to a VIP Bonus Training on How to Generate Organic Leads through Social Media!

About Jaime Greene the Solar Queen

As you may have learned from the video at the top of the page, I am a busy stay at home mom of three kids. When I got started in the solar industry 4.5 years ago, I was adamant about not going door to door, not going into strangers homes, and not driving all over Northern California 6 days a week. So, I took to social media and I talked to friends and shared with them what I was doing. Because of that, I started organically generating my own leads that converted to sales, including my own home!

People would send me messages on social media or send me a text message asking me about solar and how I could help them. We would literally text or message back in forth. When covid hit, homeowners only wanted to meet virtually, and they continue to want to meet virtually.

I invite you to come join me for 5 days and learn the necessary skills to go from in house to virtual selling. Experience greater freedom in your life, more flexibility and get your time back to spend with your family and friends. What are you waiting for?!

If You'd Like to Join the Waitlist for the Next LIVE 5 Day Virtual Solar Sales Challenge, Please Take a Moment to Fill Out the Form Below!

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